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I can provide assistance with your will planning in Lower Mainland, including your estate. Whether you are financially secure, or struggle to make ends meet, I believe that planning for the future is important for all individuals. The purpose of a will is to clearly define your wishes as to the distribution of your estate upon your death, and to hopefully avoid any misconceptions or ambiguity as to your intentions. If you die without having prepared your will, this means that you have died “intestate”, which means that your estate will be disbursed in a manner pre-determined by the laws of the Province of British Columbia, currently the Wills, Estates and Successions Act.

Why Is It Important to Draft Your Will?

This distribution may not be what you want, and as such, the preparation of your will ensures that you have the last “voice” in determining who will benefit from your estate. It is also important to note that your last will determines guardianship of your minor children. If no guardian has been appointed in your will, it is possible that your children may not be placed with the individual you would have chosen. Rather, a court application may be commenced by various individuals; all believing they are the best choice for your children, regardless of what you may have wanted. Call our office to schedule your estate planning consultation.


Start Planning for Your Loved Ones

We’ll ensure that your estate is taken care of with our range of estate planning services.

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